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Hosting events that cultivate conversations about sexuality, mental and physical well being is our passion. If you have an interest in being a guest speaker, have an idea for an event or anything to share or ask please get in touch. I am also available as a guest speaker.

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Jackie Adedeji

Jackie Adedeji is a podcast Personality and a columnist for The Metro UK, She also hosts The Moth, a storytelling night in London. She has also appeared as a guest on BBC Radio 1xtra Talks, BBC Three, BBC Three Counties and has spoke on panel events talking about her podcast ''Jackie Big Tits'' discusses the taboo subjects society might necessarily not want to discuss, Heartbreak, Family, Relationships, Our relationship with Alcohol, she gets candid and she gets frank about everything.

During my discussion with Jackie she gets honest about her journey to self acceptance and self love. She walks me through her difficult experience as a child with large breasts; her struggle with society’s impossible beauty standards and how her body wasn’t represented anywhere; her romantic relationships with men that reflected the way she felt about herself and how she attached her worth to those relationships. Her painful journey ultimately got her to where she is today where she is thriving. Jackie is magnetic, candid and hilarious and will no doubt continue inspiring women. I am very grateful to have met her and walked away from our conversation willing to love myself a little bit more, and that is where it's at!

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Jackie Adedeji