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Hosting events that cultivate conversations about sexuality, mental and physical well being is our passion. If you have an interest in being a guest speaker, have an idea for an event or anything to share or ask please get in touch. I am also available as a guest speaker.

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Through The Lens

with Rukiat Ashawe

Rukiat Ashawe (pronounced ru-kai-ya) is an award winning sex educator

who is leading the way in The UK's sex positive movement. She creates written and digital content on both Instagram and Youtube and you can catch her in her stories talking about sex all day long.

While sexual liberation for most women isn't easy, as a Black woman hers has been particularly nuanced in its challenges. In our podcast conversation we discuss it all from the history of racism against Black women's bodies, genital herpes, masturbation, feminism and body hair and oh so much more!

In The Lens

Rukiat Ashawe