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Hosting events that cultivate conversations about sexuality, mental and physical well being is our passion. If you have an interest in being a guest speaker, have an idea for an event or anything to share or ask please get in touch. I am also available as a guest speaker.

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Amy Cook

I sit down with a big glass of vino and dive into all things mental health with The Lipstick Lens Woman Of The Month, Amy Cook.

Amy is a Mental Health Practitioner and a mindfulness expert who suffers with PMDD. PMDD is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder which is basically severe PMS and something I had no idea existed. I was blown away by this condition and just how much it can affect anyone who might have it.

It got me thinking about periods and the stigma and shame we still carry around in regards to how it affects us mentally, even if we don’t have PMDD. As Amy put it, we walk around in constant hormonal flux expected to function in a linear manner when our hormones simply don’t allow it sometimes!? Yet we manage to carry on as if everything is TOTALLY normal!?

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Amy Cook