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Hosting events that cultivate conversations about sexuality, mental and physical well-being is our passion. If you have an interest in being a guest speaker, have an idea for an event or anything to share or ask, please get in touch. I am also available as a guest speaker.

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About Me

Jessica Ordoñez Barnett

Jessica is a Latina-Texan-Tel Avivian living in London. She is a public speaker and self love advocate who founded The Lipstick Lens through an outgrowth of frank conversations. Conversations had with women who, like her, were just beginning to find the language to describe their needs, their wants, and their questions.

The Lipstick Lens aspires to create awareness 
by having conversations that enable growth, connection and confidence.As soon as


become more aware we are allowed to be whoever we want to be, it is when we can use our full


This is a feminine experience where women

can come and settle into themselves

The Lipstick Lens Women of the Month, podcast guests and guest speakers at events all wish to contribute to the well being of women. They range from women in the public eye, women in the arts to women in business and everything in between. If women’s stories and lessons are told, are listened to, the telling and the listening alone grants power back.